PayFellow Digital PINs Distribution System

Start Selling Digital PINs with Your PayFellow Sub-Dealer Account.

  • Access Your Wallet

    Access your wallet to check your Sub-Dealers account balance, and all transaction details that you have made on your account such as deposit and buying from PayFellow mall.
    You can deposit your wallet by your main dealer.
    Your wallet currency is the same as your main dealer account currency...

  • Payfellow Mall

    Now, purchase cards such as, iTunes, Xbox, and other e-cards, through PayFellow mall, by using your PayFellow Sub-Dealer Wallet, after logging into your Sub-Dealer account, and enjoy getting different types of cards, on a single location, and using a single account.

  • Check your Orders

    You can check all the orders that you have made by your account, and all details of each order any Time.
    All Digital PINs you have bought from PayFellow Mall will be documented on your account to access them any Time.