What is PayFellow?
Payfellow offers a variety of different services, including a secure comprehensive online buying and selling payment eco system enabler for the MENA region.
Capturing the demand of both the consumers and merchants who are looking for alternative methods of payments that are secure, easy to setup, available, provides global access with competitive prices, PayFellow introduces a diverse range of products that is focus and targeted on each of the sub segments under each customer type category.

What is PayFellow Gift Card?
PayFellow gift card is a prepaid card that is preloaded with a set amount of funds on the card and can be used for multiple purchases up to its actual value and cannot be reloaded or used to withdraw the money. The card can be used among local and international POS and online merchants that accept MasterCard or PayFellow.

What are the denominations of PayFellow gift cards?
PayFellow Gift Card will be introduced in different denominations as per the country currency to meet the diverse demand:

What are the features of PayFellow gift cards?
- Can be used wherever MasterCard trademark is accepted as well PayFellow trademark is accepted.

- Can be used among local and international online and POS merchants

- No need for a bank account

- The cards will not be reloadable.

- No cash access.

- Instant .. Buy.. Activate .. And start to use.

- Have an online access to activate the card and check the card usage details; through www.payfellow.com

- No Money transfer.

Where can I get PayFellow gift cards?
PayFellow Gift Cards will be sold through hypermarkets, electronic stores, and merchant stores, booths in universities and promotional booths.

Through PayFellow Mall; where the customer will get a virtual card that will be accepted through online merchants only (coming soon).

How can I follow my account transaction?
Through www.payfellow.com , you can review all your transaction .

- How can start using PayFellow gift cards?
1. Buy the Card through PayFellow distribution channels and merchants

2. Activate your card, through visiting www.payfellow.com , and activate the card by filling the registration form, and activating the created account through the activation E-mail that is sent to your Email

3. Start using your PayFellow Gift Card...

Is there any fee to set up an account on PayFellow or activate my card?
No, the process of registration, and account creation is free.