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PayFellow wishes you Happy Shopping!

used wherever MasterCard is accepted locally and internationally through POS and online.

  • PayFellow gift card is:
    - Prepaid card that is preloaded with a set amount of funds on the card.
    - Can be used for multiple purchases up to its actual value.
    - Cannot be reloaded or used to withdraw the money.
    - The card can be used among local and international POS and online merchants that accepts MasterCard or PayFellow.

  • Now, purchase cards such as, iTunes, Xbox, and other e-cards, through PayFellow mall, by using your PayFellow card, after logging into your account, and enjoy getting different types of cards, on a single location, and using a single account.
    As you will be able to obtain guiding information and instruction, about how to use the cards, and its conditions, and get cards information at any time, through your PayFellow account only.

  • PayFellow Gift Cards will be sold through hypermarkets, electronic stores, and merchant stores, booths in universities and promotional booths.
    PayFellow Gift Card will be introduced in different denominations as per the country currency to meet the diverse demand.
    To know the places of getting PayFellow card in Jordan, click here